Technology to create value

Technology is the development and progress of the soul and an inexhaustible power, but also our souls engineering. The best team effort to build the perfect call center system, we will be high value-added products for customers to create maximum value.


Quality Brilliantness

Quality is synonymous with value asterCC immortal. As the focal point of the most popular high-quality products, its excellent quality and functional prowess has been the biggest attraction. We will be a stable system and modern design created for our customers success.



Providing perfect customer service is our consistent demand. Contact communication system as an important tool for enterprise application foundation is to enhance corporate value, after-sales link has become indispensable part. Our dedicated service for enterprises to worry about lifting system applications.



Review was founded at the beginning, all the way to uphold the concept of win-win cooperation so far. Our development has been closely linked with its customers. Looking to the future, and win-win cooperation is still the main line of the company's development and prosperity. We will be looking for more partners for a better future.

asterCC is a product of Sonicwell Technology.

Sonicwell Technology was founded in 2008 and headquartered in Montreal, Canada, the company specializes in software development, system integration and software services, is the leading global provider of converged communications products and solutions provider, based on open SIP standards to provide customers with reliable, functional and scalable voice communication system.

In the same year Sonicwell entered China, we have invested in two companies, the main provider of technology solutions for telcos.

With the rapid growth in the number of clients, in order to provide better local technical support and services to local customers, in 2015 we established the Dalian Sonicwell Technology Co., which is the first wholly owned companies in China.

Sonicwell commitment so that every customer can improve work efficiency, more quickly respond to business challenges. Our products can provide customers accurate market information, analysis of enterprise operational data, so as to tailor the flexible operational program. All the programs in line with global standards, customers can freely choose their own means to get the best experience.

Sonicwell commitment to product innovation and progress, and expanding access to new channels, to achieve a more diversified communication and experience. We will be happy to look forward to your joining, to the tireless efforts and the integrity of navigation companion for your success.

  • Jun 2007 asterCRM team was start, at the beginning we want to provide a simple and easy call center system based asterisk
  • Aug 2007 asterCRM released 1st open source version
  • Dec 2007 asterBilling was released as a realtime billing solution for asterisk, designed for PBX billing and callshop
  • Oct 2008 Sonicwell Technology was founded, focused on IP communication product
  • Jun 2010 A brand new asterCC commercial version was released as a professional call center system
  • May 2012, asterCC commercial released 1.1-beta1, provided enhanced call center system and IP PBX system
  • Oct 2012, asterCC commercial released 1.1
  • Oct 2012, asterCC commercial online agents number beyond 1,000.
  • May 2013, asterCC commercial online agents number beyond 2,000.
  • Aug 2013, In 3 month after asterCC 1.2 was released, it reached 500 installations.
  • Jan 2014, Invested Cloudox Shanghai, provides SAAS/PAAS in China
  • Aug 2014, asterCC commercial released 2.2, In the global online agent number beyond 45,000.
  • Dec 2015, Invested Sonicwell Dalian, as R&D and support center