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asterCC commercial callcenter system released 2.6-rc1

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After 6 month, astercc multi-tenant call center system released version 2.6, besides bug fixing, it also provides the following new features:

  • trunk clone
  • queue policy: rrordered
  • conference mute
  • columo “Start At” in real time monitor page
  • predictive dialer support multi numbers for one customer
  • related feiled in work order
  • “link” field can be used to integrate with 3rd url such as google map, check How to use customized link to integrate with 3rd party system

for full change log, you can check

astercc provides 60 days 5 agents free trial, you can download from here.

asterCC multi-tenant call center system released 2.4-rc2

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====== New Features ======
==== Advanced ====

* The QC Rate is not limited from 1 to 5 any more.
==== Statistics ====

* Add the “Yesterday” quick button on the Agent Details page.

* Add the function which shell exporting for IVR Details.

* Add the Regional Report page under statistics modules.
==== Campaign ====

* To avoid misunderstanding,the “OK” button changes to “Save Auto Assign Plan” button on the assigning page under Campaigns module.

* The default distribution style of customers assgining is “by all noassign”.
==== Message ====

* The SMS server can be set up by Team.
==== Dialer ====

* Add function which hugup the ringing agents when there’s no idle agent in queue.There is the function switch under [Campaign]->[Campaign Management]->[Predictive Dialer]->[Hangup Ring When No Idle].
==== System ====

* Under the device model,the retrieval time of call-parking modified from 12 seconds to 300 seconds.
==== Customer Service ====

* Add the Agent Group field on [Customer Service]->[Missed Calls] page.
==== Agent Interface ====

* The system will stop the manually dialing if there are erroneous dialing. Add a Continue Dialing button when submit duplicate applications for dial-out.It could remove the data has been dialed before,and insert a new dialing request.

* Add the Select All checkbox function,under [Message]->[Notices]->[Add] directory,you can select all recipients.

* The format of Contact’s Hiding. Now it will be hidden 5th-8th digits from right, if it less than 5, hide all the numbers.

====== Bug Fix ======
==== User ====

* Repaired the bug which failure of recording generation when the Rec Condition is “All” and use the device model.
* Repaired the bug that can’t saved the Role twice after you don’t select the required content first on [User]->[Roles]->[Add] page.
==== PBX ====

* Repaired the limit of Device Detail length on [PBX]->[Devices] page.
* Repaired the bug that can’t edit again after saved when CIDNum has several NULL on [PBX]->[Trunks] page.
* Repaired the fields are vary with export format(.csv or .xls) on the [CDRs] page.
==== Advanced ====

* Repaired the bug that “End” can’t be modified when we add the WorkTime on [Advanced]->[Worktimes] page

==== Statistics ====

* Repaired the bug if you download the image or PDF, it will popup “select agent group” although you have selected the agents and “All Group Accumulation” on the [Agent Graph] page.
==== Campaign ====

* Repaired the bug that will delete other all datas of campaign used Main table, when you delete the datas after searching by “Updated” field on [Campaign]->[Customers] page.
==== Call Center ====

* Repaired the exporting bug that it can’t download the file when there are several blanks in exporting file name.
==== Log ====

* Repaired the fields lack in export file on [Call Events].
==== Dialer ====

* Repaired the default privilige bug of Role type is “Account”, the dialer’s page selected default, it should be controled by Roles.
* Repaired the bug that it can’t recycle the data immediately via setting “Schedule” time to 0000-00-00 00:00 on [Dialer]->[Dialer]->[Recycle] page.
==== Customer Service ====

* Repaired the bug when you export the datas by .csv format on [Customer Service]->[CDR].

==== E-Commerce ====

* Repaired the bug that the Storage Management module can’t be deleted along with uninstallation of E-Commerce module.

==== Agent Interface ====

* If the Name of customer contact information is NULL. The label name will quote the first field in [Campaign]->[Campaigns]->[Basic]->[Agent Fields]. Repaired the bug that not hide the phone number although set the “Hiding contact info.” to “Yes” when set phone1 to the first field in [Agent Fields].
* Repaired the bug that accounts can’t be listed after selected account group by administrator on [Message]->[Notices]->[Add] page of agent work interface.
* On [Dialer]->[Dialer Noanswer Cause] page,repaired the bug that can’t find the campaigns under current team when “Purview” is “Team” on [User]->[Roles]->[Privileges Setting]->[Dialer]->[Dialer Noanswer Cause].

* Repaired the display bug that when using the IE(version 8 9 10) browser,it always displayed “NAN” on status label.
* Modify the automatic dialing countdown always start from 60 seconds after every pause.
==== Background Program ====

* Repaired the memory overflow problem of http push module.
* Fixed the bug that timing file task can’t be synthesised in time.
* Repaired the bug that missing of Customer Service when we initial the demo of asterCC system.

asterCC multi-tenant call center system released 2.4-rc1

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We are proud to announce that we released new asterCC, in this version we added one cool feature, you could get a report about why your calls are now answered, like busy, invalid number, defaulting subscriber etc, based on early media, we could generate a no answer report for each campaign: for full change log, please check here You can download the system to have 60 days 5 agents trial with all features.

asterCC call center 2.3-rc2 released

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New features:

  • Add “Auto Stop ACW(s)” function.
  • Change the fixed size of selection area.
  • Add the function of deleting the past CDR by the script.
  • On the page of [Statistics]→[Agent Details],add columns(workmode_dialin,workmode_dialout,workmode_all) to display and export.
  • On the page of [System]→[Recording Plans],Whether delete the source file of recording when we delete the Recording Plans.
  • On agent desk page,add a radio button that control all status in different agent groups.
  • On the agent desk,we add “current status and duration” under the “Status” button.
  • On the agent desk,when you click the “Obtain Customer” button,the first date of customer will appearing

To download, please go to

asterCC call center 2.3-rc1 released

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New Features

  • Support ASR engine for Chinese
  • Support to use ASR engine to recognize phone call status (power off, busy, invalid etc)
  • When save a customer in campaign, system could post all information to a specific url
  • New information when export customer data
    • last call start time
    • last call end time
    • last call duration
  • In agent detail statistic page, support export job
  • Command line to re-generate and reload all configration
  • A new API for call conference, and it allows for DTMF pass through

Bug Fix

  • When enable hide contact, in some other module, agent can still see customer phone number
  • Fixed duplicated menu in import page when using different role

It provides 5 agents 60 days free trial, please download from

asterCC released 2.2-rc4

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We fixed some bug in this version

New Features

  • New API to call two numbers which are not system device


  • Updated dahdi drive
  • Fixed the bug that agent ring timeout is alway 15 seconds
  • Fixed the bug that call get hangup if agent press # during the call
  • Fixed the bug that MOH in ringgroup is not changeable
  • Fixed the bug that predictive dialer is not respect the redial option
  • Fixed the bug that it didn’t create related table when create a main table campaign
  • Fixed the bug that it didn’t respect user scope in CDR page
  • Fixed the bug that it didn’t respect the device option in IVR
  • Fixed the bug showed all conferences of all teams in conference page
  • Hide password in SMS config page

asterCC Call Center released 2.2

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asterCC commercial call center system released version 2.2, the most improvement in this version is that it integrated google ASR, with previous TTS integration, now your asterCC IVR could read and listen now!

you can download and have a free trial from HERE

====== New Features ======

  • In IVR, all actions now have a failure destination
  • Support ASR in IVR
  • Support IVR for import/export
  • Display queue status in agent portal
  • In report, we could get agent report for all group he belongs to, including call number, call duration, average call duration, login duration, busy duration, etc
  • For call hint window, add option: hidden, fixed, delay-close
  • Add realtime call status diagram, including IVR, talking, ringing, waiting
  • New WYSWYG editor
  • Added extension number in extension list
  • In template, use “display name” instead of database column name
  • In campaign, it supports auto reset customer status if agent hasn’t contacted the customer for days so other agents could obtain
  • Added report in CDR page, including inbound calls, inbound duration, outbound calls, outbound duration, inbound cost, outbound cost, team cost, system cost, user cost
  • Added device status in conference, green means device is online
  • In predictive dialer, it could auto redial based on config, say you can configure re-dial in 1hr, 3hrs, 12hrs
  • Some report start to run background, to avoid timeout when it has to run lots of data

====== Bug Fix ======

  • Fixed the bug when hiden contact, phone number displayed in contact history
  • Fixed the bug when listen recordings in QC page, customer information is null for main customer table
  • Only when user scope is system, team admin and user is system admin or team admin, it will display black list and DID in import page
  • Fixed the bug when agent try to send non-mime email
  • Fixed WeiXin menu management page css bug
  • Fixed the bug that in import/export job management page, it always goes back to first page
  • Fixed the bug when query in conference page, different team might see others’ records
  • Fixed the bug when delete a customer in campaign customer management page

asterCC released a new module to support social media app: wechat

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In the latest asterCC 2.2-alpha, we released a new module, with the new module, call center could provide service for social media app users.

It includes features:

  • ACD for agents
  • Set a limit for concurrent clients each agent could serve
  • Receive recordings
  • Receive images
  • Receive and sent text

In the new upgrade, it also provides some new features

  • In campaign, agent could dial a number to finish a call from his dial list, then with a IVR, he can save the call result
  • Follow me
  • Configure displayed and exported customer field permissions for BPO account
  • Dial *+ext. to reach voicemail
  • Dial * during voicemail greeting to reach a voicemail
  • Dial 0 to reach receptionist during voicemail greeting
  • Use wild char in template to get replaced with customer information in template

To use 2.2-alpha, you need to install asterCC 2.1 first, then go to System Modules to upgrade


Change log:



Thanks for your support.

asterCC hosted call center released 2.1

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asterCC Commercial released version 2.1, besides bug fixing, it provides some useful new features:

  • Import & Start: Simplifies the process of importing data, please read import
  • TTS, allow to generate text to speech via browser or via API
  • Improve external agent device, allow to set separeted trunk and rate
  • Add trunk gain, allow to adjust internal or external gain for recording
  • Add quick scheduler feature
  • Improve auto dial priority
    • dial scheduler numbers
    • dial past due numbers
    • dial new numbers
  • Improve campaign statistic

For all changes, please read:

System provides 5 agents 60 days free trial, you can download from: