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asterCC Call Center released 2.2

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asterCC commercial call center system released version 2.2, the most improvement in this version is that it integrated google ASR, with previous TTS integration, now your asterCC IVR could read and listen now!

you can download and have a free trial from HERE

====== New Features ======

  • In IVR, all actions now have a failure destination
  • Support ASR in IVR
  • Support IVR for import/export
  • Display queue status in agent portal
  • In report, we could get agent report for all group he belongs to, including call number, call duration, average call duration, login duration, busy duration, etc
  • For call hint window, add option: hidden, fixed, delay-close
  • Add realtime call status diagram, including IVR, talking, ringing, waiting
  • New WYSWYG editor
  • Added extension number in extension list
  • In template, use “display name” instead of database column name
  • In campaign, it supports auto reset customer status if agent hasn’t contacted the customer for days so other agents could obtain
  • Added report in CDR page, including inbound calls, inbound duration, outbound calls, outbound duration, inbound cost, outbound cost, team cost, system cost, user cost
  • Added device status in conference, green means device is online
  • In predictive dialer, it could auto redial based on config, say you can configure re-dial in 1hr, 3hrs, 12hrs
  • Some report start to run background, to avoid timeout when it has to run lots of data

====== Bug Fix ======

  • Fixed the bug when hiden contact, phone number displayed in contact history
  • Fixed the bug when listen recordings in QC page, customer information is null for main customer table
  • Only when user scope is system, team admin and user is system admin or team admin, it will display black list and DID in import page
  • Fixed the bug when agent try to send non-mime email
  • Fixed WeiXin menu management page css bug
  • Fixed the bug that in import/export job management page, it always goes back to first page
  • Fixed the bug when query in conference page, different team might see others’ records
  • Fixed the bug when delete a customer in campaign customer management page

asterCC released a new module to support social media app: wechat

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In the latest asterCC 2.2-alpha, we released a new module, with the new module, call center could provide service for social media app users.

It includes features:

  • ACD for agents
  • Set a limit for concurrent clients each agent could serve
  • Receive recordings
  • Receive images
  • Receive and sent text

In the new upgrade, it also provides some new features

  • In campaign, agent could dial a number to finish a call from his dial list, then with a IVR, he can save the call result
  • Follow me
  • Configure displayed and exported customer field permissions for BPO account
  • Dial *+ext. to reach voicemail
  • Dial * during voicemail greeting to reach a voicemail
  • Dial 0 to reach receptionist during voicemail greeting
  • Use wild char in template to get replaced with customer information in template

To use 2.2-alpha, you need to install asterCC 2.1 first, then go to System Modules to upgrade


Change log:



Thanks for your support.

asterCC hosted call center released 2.1

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asterCC Commercial released version 2.1, besides bug fixing, it provides some useful new features:

  • Import & Start: Simplifies the process of importing data, please read import
  • TTS, allow to generate text to speech via browser or via API
  • Improve external agent device, allow to set separeted trunk and rate
  • Add trunk gain, allow to adjust internal or external gain for recording
  • Add quick scheduler feature
  • Improve auto dial priority
    • dial scheduler numbers
    • dial past due numbers
    • dial new numbers
  • Improve campaign statistic

For all changes, please read:

System provides 5 agents 60 days free trial, you can download from:






asterCC call center release 2.0-beta

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asterCC Commercial call center system released 2.0-beta, from 1.x to 2.x, we are now using asterisk 1.8 !


For change log, please check

For upgrade from 1.2.2 to 2.0beta

In the new version, we provides lots of new features,

Some main features are

  • Request Callback: Caller could request a call back in IVR, then the request will be sent to missed call page, and the agent will get a notify in the same time so they can call back when they are free.
  • Auto-Answer Sip Header: When click-dial and predictive dialer, when system call phone, we could enable this option so the IP-Phone could answer the call automaticly, when it’s a regular inbound call, it would not auto-answer
  • Hangup Report: System could give a report which show the latest 10 hangup reason, it could be useful to analyse trunk status
  • Auto Disable Failure Trunk: When there’s a call failure in a trunk continued, the trunk will be disabled automaticly, this could be used in a trunk group as a redundancy
  • Inbound Route based Caller ID: In inbound route, you could route the call based on their caller id, like different country to different queue
  • Speed Dial for Callback: agent could dial *73 to check history calls and make a quick call back
  • Auto route to last agent: When caller enter a queue, system will try match the last agent he talked to, or the agent he belonged to, if no match or the agent is not available to answer, caller will queue.
  • Hangup SMS/Email: system could send a SMS/Email when customer hangup in a call
  • Logistics: In e-commerce it supports logistics management
  • IVR: we add some good IVR features in this version, it can support more complicated IVR design
    • TTS integration: you can call your tts application in webservie
    • Multi-Action in one IVR node
    • send DTMF: In an IVR, you can send dtmf digital to the other channel
    • Math and String function
    • user-to-user data:  in IVR, you can use the variable in SIP message




asterCC Call Center released 1.2.2

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asterCC Commercial released a new version 1.2.2, old user could go to system modules to upgrade the main changes include

  • auto send report via email
  • you can define a url to popup in campaign
  • support customer calendar
  • add call transfer/consult popup
  • support BLF
  • added several new parameters in IVR
  • allow reset assgined agent when recycle customer numbers in a campaign
  • add order status in agent popup interface

For download, please go to change log:


  • Add link field for the customize field


  • The memo contains wrap,can not open the qcpage
  • Change the “Hour” to “hh:mm:ss” in the graph statistics


  • Optimize the error message
  • Add the yellow color tip to show the username,role and the localtime

System tip on the right top

  • Add main customer canlendar,customer oriented,when the customer changed,the canlendar will be assigned to the agent
  • Add the “My Workorder” page priviledge in the role,it used to show the agent’s workorder for agent


  • When consulting or transfer,the consulted or transfered agent will popup the customer informatioin page,so the consulted or transefered agent can click the `Immediately Refresh` to refresh the customer information
  • Fixed the outside device can not transfer to extension
  • Add phone BLF function
  • Fixed the export file can not export correctly fields
  • Fixed the search box’s css incorrectly
  • When export,can fill in the emails.So,the export file will mail to the emails.Include this page:


  • PBX → CDRS
  • Campaign → Customer Packages’ page to click the `Export Customers` on the edit page
  • Campaign → Customers
  • Campaign → CDRs
  • Campaign → Quality Control
  • Dialer → Campaign Diallists
  • Customer Service → CDR
  • Customer Service → Miss Calls
  • Survey → Survey’s page,click `Quotation` button to open the quotation page to export the quotation
  • Account
    • On the add blacklist or whitelist page,the scroll bar will appear when the data is too much


  • Agent
    • Click the `View Agent Group` button to open the page,can remove the agent from the agent group


  • Agent Group
    • Edit the `ACW` Fields will get one tip message “Editor Successful Please remind the agent to relogin”
  • Customization
    • wrap unite to the unix standard
    • the `Display As` field can be edit
  • Trunk
    • Edit `Registry String` field will appear the reload tip
  • Outbound Routes
    • Add `Sip Refer` to `Transfer` field in the outbound route rule


  • IVRs
    • Fixed can save the empty data
  • Knowledge
    • Revise some po
    • Optimize the css
  • Device
    • The `ExteralNumber` can not be the same with `Ext. No.`
  • Setting
    • Add sip tcp parameter to `GENERAL SIP SETTINGS`,include `tcpenable`,`tcpbindaddr` and `transport`.
  • Backup Archives
    • Optimize the page pagination css
  • Live Trunk
    • Fixed can not show the trunk which no team belongs to
  • BLF Group
    • Can set the device to join the BLF Group,so the device can see the status of other device in the group by the phone machine

Login Page

  • Fixed can not press the enter key to enter to the system,when finish to fill in the email
  • Access the login page by the team identity,support two patterns
    • 1.http://asterccSERVERip/teamIdentity
    • 2.Use the domain bind to the astercc Server
      • Access the login by use the team identity,will no longer to show the team select.This will be suitable for multi-team operations
      • Login the astercc Server, vi /etc/astercc.conf
      • Add under [system]
      • login_route = team
      • If exists `;login_route = team`,please remove the `;`


  • The campaign which use main table customer can use the dialer to work


  • When recycle,need to use `Schedule` field’s value in the customer information as the dialer’s `Schedule`.There are two case:
    • The cycle customer’s `Schedule` field is not empty,and it behind the recycle operate’s `Schedule`
    • The cycle operation doesn’t set the `Schedule`,and the cycle customer’s `Schedule` is not empty
  • Can use one option to control whether to truncate the customer’s agentno


  • Campaign Diallist
    • Disable the edit function of the customer in the list under the `Campaign Customer`

Agent Work Page

  • Add `status` to show in the order list when view the purchase records


  • The scroll bar will appear when the queue is too much to suitable the screen
  • Fixed can not get the pedding customer data under the `Pending` Tag on the campaign work page

asterCC IP PBX & Call Center released 1.2

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The main changes include

  • a new module E-Commerce
  • Improve the main table, now campaign and customer service moduel could share same customer information
  • Agent could have individual caller id
  • Added caller id rules
  • Improved data import features
  • Added auto-pause feature for agent
  • Support multi-phone number when use auto dialer mode, and background hint
  • Support search and merge customer, now one customer could have more than one number

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For changlog, please go to

asterCC hosted IP PBX & Call Center system released 1.2-beta

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Today asterCC released a new version: asterCC 1.2-beta, in this version, it uses a new http push moduel, more stable than the previous one. The other improvement is that it comes with two new modules: customer service and work order Besides, the license mode has big changes, it now gives 60 days trail with all modules and 5 agents, you can apply for longer time or more agents for test if need. You can download from Related posts: