asterCRM is an open source contact center software for asterisk.

asterCRM benefits:

  1. open source
  2. simple php code, easy for customize development
  3. could work with all asterisk based system and no need modify your original system
  4. a distributed solution, asterisk, mysql and apache could be on different servers

asterCRM features:

  1. pop-up information based callerid when incoming/outbound calls
  2. DID information when incoming/outbound calls
  3. click to dial
  4. click to transfer
  5. click to monitor
  6. click to spy
  7. click to hangup
  8. invite dial
  9. callerid prefix remove
  10. spell suggestion when input a business name or contact
  11. could be integrated with all other asterisk based systems, like Trixbox, Elastix, Magiclink IP PBX …
  12. scheduler calls
  13. predictive dialer
  14. sales force
  15. campaign result
  16. extension panel
  17. google map support
  18. export/import online
  19. survey & survey statistics
  20. different accounts/groups management
  21. asterisk active channels monitor
  22. support dynamic agent mode
  23. extension whisper
  24. support predictive dial dial out strategy
  25. support import file which exist in server
  26. recent cdr bind to monitor records
  27. fax ext
  28. support play gsm file in web
  29. force monitor by group
  30. update licence in web
  31. auto install
  32. system status monitor by groupadmin
  33. predictive dial by groupadmin
  34. multi mode search(like,=,<,>)
  35. advance survey
  36. callerid smart mathcing
  37. use daemon for predictive dialer
  38. predictive dialer direct to queue
  39. multi-language support (Chinese, English, German)
  40. multi-skin support
  41. external CRM support
  42. asterCC supported
  43. a distributed solution
  44. dialer support dialout mutil-servers
  45. support chinese address of google map
  46. support post more customer infomation to external CRM by URL
  47. support count how long dynamic agent loged in the queue
  48. private note
  49. support licence with time limit
  50. campaign result statistics
  51. agent dialed result statistics
  52. support set start time and end time for campaign
  53. supply a shell for backup file and database
  54. agent can add a scheduler dial for a customer
  55. support set dial waittime in campaign
  56. agent can add a transfer link in note
  57. astercrm workwith asterbilling simplely
  58. supoort delete a uploaded file
  59. agent break function
  60. reload or restart asterisk in web